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Instead of setting each project to its own page, and having to add to the page for each day without any public updates, I am organizing all projects into categories of posts. If you want info on a specific project, just click it under Subject on the right hand side of the page.

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Final Assembly and Install

As you can tell, the installation went together well. I don’t have the data ports or the low voltage section in yet, but other than that and the raising/lowering mechanism it is done. It will be very simple to make this a motorized desk, just a couple pulleys steel cable and a small winch.

I am debating adding a few more braces on the base. The desk seems very solid, but there is a little swing/flex in some of the joints where the rack posts meat the unistrut base. Hardly an issue but I am always a big fan of rock solid furniture.

Later on I will be addressing cable hiding issues and other such built in extras. But I just really needed to use the desk so in it went! I hope you all enjoyed this build, be sure to click on the pictures for a full screen view.

UW- Stain and Paint

The first coat of stain went on well, but not dark enough for me. I put a second coat on last night but didn’t get a shot of it. The oak doesn’t seem to want to absorb the stain very well, and with the temperature changes in the garage it seems to bleed stain from small spots hours after I wipe it off. I turned on some heaters to keep the temp ~70 F and it seems to have started to dry out and no more weeping. Continue reading UW- Stain and Paint

Mock Up

Today my father was able to work with me all day and after a long day of work, I can say we made great progress. This stage was fitting the carriages onto the table braces as well as adding a cross brace to keep the table braces perpendicular to the level of the table. I think the braces and carriages are over engineered. I will always go for too strong over the possibility of structural failure. As you can see, the carriages are almost 20″ long and the braces are only about 13, so for the final assembly the carriage will be shortened to match the brace. Continue reading Mock Up

Table Top

I didn’t get near as far as I had hoped today. Go figure. The flooring doesn’t stay as level as I had hoped when just glued together. I trimmed it all in cherry, but it was a fight to get the oak to level out. It took lots of clamping at some very strange angles, plenty of glue and finish nails. It finished out pretty well though. If i were to do it all over again, the frame would go down first and the flooring would be glued and nailed down through the tongue like normal hardwood floors.

The picture above shows the angled support board I will be using to mount to the sliding carriage. The beams hang over the back 4″ to support a box that will contain wiring and outlets.

If I have any time tomorrow, the table top and supports should be finished. With any luck Saturday will see the completion of the basic structure of the workstation. Then I will breakdown what needs to be painted or stained and get going on that.

New Workspace Idea

So I decided I am in desperate need of a new workstation… or electronics workbench. Heres my current setup:

You can see my new toy top left there, more on that probably later. Its a very small desk. Overall size is probably 4×3 ish but after adding in all that shelf stuff, the workable area is just over 4×1.5.

As a poor college student, my goal was to build a desk for as little as possible that fulfilled as many needs as I could get it to fulfill.

Continue reading New Workspace Idea

Project List – Wheel Horse

So I am going to be starting a new long-term project and will be throwing some updates here. I will figure out how to organize it later.

Project: 1980 Wheel Horse C-105
We’ve had this tractor since 1987 and it has served us well until we blew the engine at the end of last (2009) season. My dad purchased a new John Deere and so now I plan to tear this tractor down, restore and repaint it and use it when I own some property. Click through the break for more pictures and tech specs.

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